SDM - Allow 'Employee' access to reply to Manual Notify emails to update tickets, even if they are not the Affected Customer

Idea created by tzadell on Jun 5, 2017
    Not planned
    • AdminMC
    • tzadell

    I would like to see a way to allow anyone to reply to a Manual Notify email to update a ticket, even if they are not the Affected Customer of that ticket, without needing to define the 'employee' access type as "licensed".   


    We had to make the decision a long time ago to change the 'Employee' access type to be "licensed", because it was the only way to allow anyone to reply to a Manual Notify email, even when they are not the Affected Customer in the ticket.  We have several use cases where we need to have input from someone who is not an analyst and they're not the Affected Customer.  Sending them a Manual Notify email is a simple way to get that input.  One use case is when we need to get someone's approval to proceed with the ticket.  This can sometimes be the customer's manager, it can sometimes be the owner of a LAN share, or it can sometimes be the manager of a particular department.  We don't use PAM here and don't have the resources needed to implement and use it, so we need to have a way to do this in the O-O-T-B system.  I understand that doing this 'updates' the ticket, but they are not really accessing and updating it like a licensed analyst does, so it would be great if this could be changed to allow email replies to update tickets without needing to be 'licensed'. We have not been able to market and encourage our customers to use the employee interface to search knowledge etc because of this.