Make it possible querying EEM from Service Catalog

Idea created by KarolinAlbinsson on Jun 15, 2017
    Not planned
    • KarolinAlbinsson
    • SteveLoat
    • Louis_van_Amelsfort
    • pier-olivier.tremblay
    • shomer
    • IainLambert

    We are using EEM Application groups as a way to organize users in "Approval-groups" in many of our Service Catalog implementations. Also for controlling permissions on offerings. 


    We believe that it would be a big enhancement of the Service Catalog if there was a easy way to query EEM from the Catalog, for example:

    - Fetch all application groups

    - Fetch all users in a specific application group

    - Add user to EEM group

    - Remove user from EEM group