In HISRV Add ability to acces HWI topology information from the OPS/MVS Address HWS interface

Idea created by Lori_Thomas Employee on Jun 15, 2017
    Under review
    • patrick.barrez
    • whansen
    • Kraig_Johnson
    • nickciancio

    The standard manner for users to access information from HWI using HISRV is to issue commands from the Address HWS interface in OPS/MVS.  Knowing the HWI topology can be helpful in formulating commands. 

    So it makes sense that the command for accessing complete topology information from HISRV would be through this same interface. Instead, the SH HWITOP command must be issued, which is returned in the HISRV log, not to OPS/MVS.


    It would be helpful to add a way to receive this same topology information by issuing a command from the Address HWS interface and have it returned there.