Allow existing custom search to display new legal template

Idea created by ScottB Employee on Jul 20, 2017
    Not planned
    • Gale_Bacon
    • Carol.Uranker
    • ScottB

    The out of the box Legal Document search will display all the Legal Doc's for all Legal Templates no matter when you add them. When you create a new Legal Doc search, you need to specify the Legal Templates you want to display. There is no ability to select all or use a wild card. You need to select them all. Now a few weeks or even a few days later, you add a new Legal Document template. The custom search does not display the new template and there is no way to see what templates are in the search or add any new ones to the existing search. You need to re-create the search and all other ones every time a new template is added. This is time consuming and confusing for the end user to figure out what is wrong. There could be a few ways to fix this:

    1. Allow searches to be created the same way the out of the box are. Not sure what is hard coded in there that allows all templates to be displayed no matter when the template is added.

    2. Allow existing search to be modified with new template.

    3. When creating the search the first time. Add in the Template selection "All" or a wild card. Its similar to the first suggestion, but allows the user to select the criteria.


    Hardware assets has a similar problem if new Asset Types have been added. Legal Docs are more of a problem as Legal Templates can be added as business requirements call for them. New Hardware asset types are not added as often.