IPV6 Support for CA BSI

Idea created by Besim Dzemaili on Jul 24, 2017
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    Hi Community and Product Management,


    from CA Support I just get the following information:


    Currently, BSI is only "IPv6 Tolerant". Which means you can install the product on machines that are running both IPv6 and IPv4.  However, we still require that all IPv4 rules are followed, as we need IPv4 for most of our communication between components. Localhost must be resolvable to, the SQL Adapters still use IPv4 for addresses, etc.

    The customer wants to switch to a “pure” IPV6.This applies to all CA BSI Servers: App,- Web,- and DB-Server.


    So, we need to be able to run a “pure” IPv6 environment with CA BSI.

    Kind regards,
    Besim Dzemaili,