Automatic retries on failed action

Idea created by GillesScuttenaire75350377 on Aug 2, 2017
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    Being able to tell to CA RA actions "If action fails, retry x times." would be a very useful feature I think.

    I would see that as a generic option, as "Paused on failure" for instance. In this option, we should have the ability to:

    1. Define the number of retries

    2. Define the time interval to wait between each retry


    That would be very interesting when you target components that are temporarily locked by an external process.


    Example : IIS checks the applicationHost.config each x minutes. If you try to modify an IIS component at this very specific moment, you get a "failed to commit" error because the file is locked. A simple retry one second later will be successful.


    I hope other CA RA users will be interested in this idea !


    Best regards.