line up 3 or 4 text boxes per row (horizontally) in the form

Idea created by yanji03 Employee on Sep 8, 2017
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    With current form designer , there is no any way that you can  . have 3 or 4 checkboxes  per row   ( horizontally) in a form . You can use the "Orientation' attribute of a radio group , but there is no concept of checkbox group .


    Tried  to  use "column layout"  to achieve it.   However ,   although you can put as many checkboxes as you want into column layout ,   you can only have  maximum two checkboxes per line  ( see attached screenshot)  .  


    It would be preferable to be able to line up 3 or 4 checkboxes horizontally across the form (as is available using radio groups) rather than being limited to only maximum two  checkboxes ( by using column layout ) per row on the form.