CA Service Management Off line recovery work

Idea created by corgo01 Employee on Sep 8, 2017
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    • Maheshwar_Kusuma
    • corgo01
    • Aleksandar_Stancic

    We have several customer with following scenario:


    • They Have USS + SC + PAM and SDM
    • If a user try to use the “Report and Issue” service for example, this work fine, so the final user think the ticket was created (SC ticket)
    • But in the background there is an issue in the integration point, and the ticket wasn’t created (SDM ticket).
    • The failure can be related to java api integration, pam or soap.


    The enhancement requested are the following:


    • First advice to the final user that ticket wasn’t created
    • Or the solution can created properly the ticket when the integration failure be recovered


    Thank you