Support Addition AWS Service Health Monitors

Idea created by Alquin Employee on Sep 13, 2017
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    Hi Community,


    We are seeking to have the aws probe support more AWS services for health monitoring via RSS feeds. AWS adds new services all the time and they are embedded into critical business processes shortly after. As a result, the release cycle of the aws probe does not allow for keeping up with those service releases for monitoring.



    1. Provide a method to update the UIM aws probe to monitor new AWS service health more frequently e.g. AWS Connect is not available for monitoring the service health but has been available for some time. We would like for CA to provide configuration updates similar to how the snmpcollector has certification updates so as new services are available from AWS we can poll the RSS feeds with the aws probe to get the data
    2. Alternatively CA could make it so that as a customer we could add monitoring for the new service health at the time we decide to start using it and then use the CA configuration once available.