Maintenance cost reduction for catalog with several customers

Idea created by tom.halang on Sep 15, 2017
    Under review

    We as a Multi-Service-Provider face different challenges with the design of services for our customers in CA Service Catalog which leads to additional effort in consequence of missing or less mature features.

    In our core business it is vital to standardize services to stay competitive. Although a standardized service has the same characteristics throughout customers it does not mean that it cannot differ in certain characteristics like price, description, SLAs … between customers.

    We would like to define our services once and decide for each customer which services we offer to the respective customer. This works easy with permissions but there are some differences between customer A and customer B. A really simple example (but not the only one) is the price of a service. Customer A has a different price for a service than customer B. The service should have the ability to define attributes like price customer-specific.

    At the moment we end up with separate service options and service groups for every customer (Business Unit) although we offer them the same services. The inheritance function is also not really useful here. So we have an extra effort on building the customer-specific catalog and manage every single catalog instead of one master catalog with customer-specific permission-settings.

    It should be possible to define all the elements that can be attached to service options like prices, SLAs, Additional Texts differently depending on criteria’s like for example the customer or the location.