Role oriented improvement of service options group definition

Idea created by tom.halang on Sep 15, 2017
    Under review

    We as a Multi-Service-Provider face different challenges with the design of services for our customers in CA Service Catalog which leads to additional effort in consequence of missing or less mature features.

    The administration of the service options since the catalog-release 14 is much more time expensive because of the new view. It looks really good but the loading time of the overview of service option groups is strongly related to the count of included service options – especially because of preloading all attached forms.  Previously it was possible to handle changes within the table view. Now it is also necessary to open every single service option. So an update requires at least four times as much time as before release 14.

    On the service option group overview form the service options should have an activated collapse-function by default. Only when one single option is selected the content should be loaded when getting folded out.