attach original mail in the reply when maileater fails to create/update a ticket

Idea created by thinhnq on Sep 19, 2017
    Under review

    We have configured Mail eater and are able to create or update tickets from mails. In case of errors the following messages would be received in the returned e-mail:
    - AHD58005:Update_Only operation requested with no matching rows. Cannot continue processing!
    - AHD58009: Could not create Request. Reason: INVALID - AHD03075: Required attribute is missing
    - etc.
    Because our HelpDesk does not have Access Right to all Mailboxes/original Mails, they can´t know How to verify the reason when maileater fails to create/update a  (CA Service Desk) ticket.


    So our Idea/Request is that the returned email can contain the original Mails in Attachement or those Error Messages are contained at least  (time , sender, recipient, subject, text) of original mails.

    Could you please provide Solutions for this case?


    Thanks and regards,