Create LRLOG historical report

Idea created by JeffHolst on Sep 21, 2017
    Under review
    • JeffHolst
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    • Donald Weimer

    Our scheduling people currently run a BTI job 4 times a day which executes an LRLOG command to cover the prior 6 hours. The output from this job goes to a dataset which is kept for a very long time to satisfy the auditors. 


    It would seem to me that the information that the LRLOG displays should be captured in the CA-7 log files, which are  copied to a historical log file when the LOGP/LOGS pair switch. I asked support in case 00849353 if there was an existing report that could produce this information. I was told there was not. One could, they said, write a custom SAS program to do this. They did suggest that I create an idea for this. 


    By creating a report which can be produced as needed, we need only keel the historical logs and not the output from the LRLOG commands. When we do need the data, we can pull it for the time period required. We usually don't need just 6 hours, it is more often a full day. It is just that our BTI output files will often truncate the output if we go for more than 6 hours at a time.