Two passes Global Collection Searches

Idea created by Christophe Sperandio Employee on Oct 2, 2017



    That happens quite regularly that we need to create a Global Collections containing only interfaces matching certain criteria among devices matching other criteria. To be clear, sometimes, I need to select devices using attributes only attached to devices, and then I need to get a subset of interfaces of those devices with conditions on attributes attached to those port models.

    And here comes the idea: having a way to define two passes Global Collections Searches! First pass would allow you to set conditions on attributes for device models and chose only submodels (like interfaces of those devices in my example), and then second pass would let you set conditions on attributes of those submodels and get then your list!


    In a nutshell I would like to have a first step getting interfaces of devices and then a second pass being able to search for an attribute on the set of objects returned by the first pass... (too bad it doesn't do internally two passes when we use "Add Existing" in the GC definition! )

    At the moment, we can only achieve that by script and other static methods. Having that ability in GC would really be awesome for some user stories (especially coupled with Policy Manager and other modules which now heavily rely on GC).


    On your marks, get set, go!