Enhancement for Poll Status Results

Idea created by jguth on Oct 4, 2017
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    Hello community,


    The purpose of this Idea is to extend the modifications available to the Spectrum Poll Status results window from within the Oneclick console. As of the writing of this request, a user can poll one or many devices from list views, alarm views or topology views and see the results of each poll attempt. The information displayed contains:


    • Model Name (0x4820199)
    • Protocol (0x482019a)
    • Result (0x482019b)


    This idea is requesting to display the network address (0x12d7f) of the device along with those results. Unfortunately this particular window (poll-table-config.xml) uses pseudo attributes and the table does not respond to the standard Oneclick enhancement methods.


    Example results have been attached...I was successful in adding the IP Address column, but since the window is using psuedo attributes, the values of the network address are never presented.


    The expected result is to be able to just extend the current functionality of the attributes being displayed with the main purpose being to be able to copy/paste the results from the table. During an outage situation, it is extremely helpful to use the poll capability within Oneclick and furnish the results to various networking teams. The problem we are circumventing with this enhancement is that very often devices may not be in DNS so the model name is irrelevant in the results.


    One further possible enhancement is to eliminate the psuedo attributes in this table all together and just use the standard attribute tags for the fields to be displayed.


    Jeremy Guthrie

    Charter Communications