Improve CMDB Contact Update Functionality

Idea created by jennifer1 on Oct 6, 2017
    Not planned

    If an individual is listed as a primary contact on a CI, and they retire, leave the department, or leave the organization, the current interface to remove and replace them as the primary contact is very tedious.  If you add a new primary contact, the old primary contact is moved to 'other contact'.  Then you need to delete them from the other contact area. So it is a two step process to remove a person's affiliation with a CI.  If the functionality is delivered to be able to easily modify the columns displayed in the form where they can be edited in list, be sure to include the ability to search by contact and  update all of the contact fields as well.  If I remove a user as the primary contact, I don't want their information automatically shifted to another contact area of the CI.  If I want to keep them affiliated with a CI in another capacity, I will do a two step process to remove them as contact role A and change them to contact role B.  In most scenarios at our workplace, if I'm removing a person as a contact, they are no longer affiliated with that infrastructure at all.