Create OOTB Functionality to Exclude CIs from Change Orders

Idea created by jennifer1 on Oct 6, 2017
    Not planned
    • mrcoug90
    • J_W
    • cowsert
    • martin.hermansson

    I would like the ability to add rules that would prevent subsets of CIs to be able to be attached to a change order by an analyst.  I want the analyst to still be able to search on and view the CIs, but not able to attach them to their change order.  There are certain CIs that are in the analyst's partition, but they should not file change orders against them.  Currently, we are catching this manually as we have not had the bandwidth to have the developers create and test custom scripts to check for this and display an error to the analyst.  Being able to add rules would also cover my earlier idea from last year to check and display an error if someone has an inactive CI attached to the change order due to copying an old change request and not checking the status of the CIs.