Add session persistence to probe utility (pu command)

Idea created by spatwin on Oct 10, 2017
    • MuruR
    • Yu_Ishitani
    • Gabriel_Ortiz
    • spatwin

    We would like some sort of session persistence mechanism added to the Probe Utility(pu) command.

    In a recent robot update the Probe Utility(pu) command had the "-s" flag removed which would allow the user to manually pass a valid SID to the tool for authentication. It was remove due to the security implications it created, however no suitable replacement was created for it. Now every time you run the tool you are prompted for credentials which makes the tool much more difficult to use, almost to the point where it isn't worth using.

    The idea would be along the lines of having the utility prompt for credentials on the first run, grab its SID which it would store internally through a secure mechanism and then re-use this SID for subsequent commands for the life of the SID(or some other reasonable arbitrary duration). This way you would still need to authenticate to use the tool, but you would retain this authorization for a period of time so you could run multiple commands consecutively. This would allow for the tool to retain the benefit of the "-s" flag, without the security concerns being raised by exposing the SID.


    While the API/SDK, Infrastructure Manager, and Admin Console are available, we have personnel that would like to use this tool while already logged into a device and as such this would make routine work much easier to complete versus using an alternate interface.