REST version of SDM Content Pack for ITIL Process Automation content

Idea created by camja06 Employee on Oct 13, 2017
    Under review

    The Content Pack for ITIL CA Service Desk Manager Content Pack for ITIL CA Service Desk Manager - CA Service Management - 17.0 - CA Technologies Documentation includes CA Process Automation processes which are an invaluable resource and template for anyone who plans to use PAM with SDM.  The current Content Pack uses the SOAP web service interface which at some time in the future may be deprecated in favour of the REST interface.


    As a Services consultant writing PAM processes that interface with SDM, I would really appreciate a new version of the PAM components of the Content Pack which uses the REST interface to SDM, in place of the SOAP interface.  The educational value of this for customers and other consultants like me would be substantial and it could greatly ease the transition to REST for future applications.