FINAL USERS: access to their tiquets as requestor

Idea created by AdminMC on Oct 16, 2017
    • tzadell

    The final users have only access to their tiquets if they are the "affected end user".

    Many roles of the company, even though they are final users, request actions to another user, or group, and then, they are not allowed to see their tiquets.

    An example:

    In my case, i am team manager at work, i have two people in my team that are not allowed to request access to any resource (folders, mail boxes, apps). I am suppose to request acces to them, because they are my responsability and the company wants me to be in charge ot them. They are not allowed to request, for example "I need access to the folder 'repository of software' in order of my work", but i am the person to have to request "grant access to the folder 'repository of software' to Marc Jacobs in order to his job".

    Then, the affected end user should be Marc Jacobs, and i'm the requestor. In order to the use of servicedesk, i'm NOT an analyst because i do nothing with my requests, except to create and be informed os its closure. And this is the functionality of a final user.

    But, in the order of limitations that ServiceDesk have, once the request has created by me, i wil lose any information and am not able to locate it, to make comments (to reclaim), to attach any file, etc...

    And the affected end user, Marc Jacobs, are not able (in complimment with company policies) to reclaim or comment the request.


    I think it's a problem with major companies, and we are looking other ticketing softwares that doesn't have this limitation, and allow this sense of "requestor" for the final users with no license problem.


    I hope you could explore this idea, i think it will be so useful to a long amount of CA Servicedesk users...