[Spectrum] Convert HEX values to string values for EventFormat files

Idea created by ReWi on Oct 16, 2017

    One of our customer have two devices of type "Cisco ISR 4451-X" (Model Class = Switch-Router; Model Type Name = Rtr_Cisco; SysOID = This devices send "cEigrpNbrDownEvent" traps ( to Spectrum, once one of their neighbors goes down.


    Within the current version of Spectrum (10.2.1) the CISCO-EIGRP-MIB does not contain this trap any more. In a previous of Spectrum, the above mentioned trap was included in the CISCO-EIGRP-MIB as you can see in the following screenshot.



    As you can also see, a custom event has been created for this trap. The following screenshot shows the entry of the custom AlertMap file.



    As the screenshot shows, the "cEigrpNbrDownEvent" trap contains the following varbinds:


    1. cEigrpPeerAddrType    (
    2. cEigrpPeerAddr        (


    The event in Spectrum looks like this:




    Unfortunately the device sent a HEX value for varbind "cEigrpPeerAddr", which cannot be converted to a string value by Spectrum.
    This is why you do not see an IP Address, just a "do" resp. a "dp" as value.
    The fact, that a HEX value is sent by the device was verified by sniffing the traffic between the device and Spectrum.


    On the one hand there is the problem that the device sends HEX values instead of strings.
    On the other hand Spectrum is not able to convert those HEX values into a string, as required by the event.


    So it would be useful, if a functionality will be added to Spectrum that a given HEX value will be converted into a string, in case the varbind expects a string.