Option to store QoS in processes probe differently

Idea created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Oct 17, 2017
    • Daniel Blanco
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    • scurwen

    So I created a processes profile that keeps track of all the UIM related processes on a box and it tracks each process' CPU and Memory usage individually by using the [x]Track processes by process id and [x] Monitor each process instance. It works great but the problem is the way the QoS is stored. 

    So for one robot with this profile enabled, if I wanted to check the say ntevl stats I would end up having Multiple targets all different b/c the probe appends a [#] at the end of each instance. There is no logic as to how or why it does this [#] so you can't control it. 

    So I would end up for just one box, to check for the CPU usage on the ntevl probe possibly 4 different targets when really I should have 1 target data line:

    I want the option to not have the probe store each target with this [#] at the end. This is a great way to track and make sure the UIM probes don't go crazy on a box in terms of resource usage but in terms of storing all this info in the DB, it would end up being a complete mess. 

    Already opened a support case and it was determined there is no way to avoid this. So had to open an IDEA.