IPv6: Retain zeros in address and allow in Device Search

Idea created by karen_brooks Employee on Oct 17, 2017
    • Tomas Vrbka
    • karen_brooks

    Can the IPv6 addressing be adjusted so that the zeros are present?  The user is accustomed to searching using the zeros.  Currently the locater search tool will not find the address if using the notation with zeros.


    For example:


    The zeros are dropped here (Spectrum).


    In existing tool the zeros are represented.  


    End user is also trying to find the device by using the search on the Navigation pane which doesn't appear to work for IPv6 (if the address is on an interface).




    However, if I search for an IPv4 address on another interface on the same device, the query returns the devices.



    A custom locater search using ip address (0x12dbb) will find the device/interface.