Cipher Display Enhancement Request

Idea created by BobDavidson on Oct 19, 2017
    • apaulli
    • jwhitcomb
    • marjo41
    • Paul-Williams
    • BobDavidson
    • Steve_Beerman

    The Cipher display enhancement delivery by via PTFs - RO97239 and RO97240 is limited to connection lists Displayed from the S   - SSL/TLS Summary.

    Could this be enhanced to also display the Cipher column from connections Lists reached from the other options on /SEC. Namely


    A - AT-TLS Summary
    F - FTP Summary
    T - Telnet Summary


    This would improve product consistency.


    Also the use of TLS_NULL_WITH_NULL_NULL  when the Cipher is unknown or for sessions not using security is confusing - could this be change to something like Unknown or Indeterminate or even left blank rather than TLS_NULL_WITH_NULL_NULL   which is too similar to real ciphers such as TLS_RSA_WITH_NULL_SHA.