UIM Available Probe Captured Variables for Custom Alarms

Idea created by Gabriel_Ortiz Employee on Oct 25, 2017
    Not planned
    • KenAhrweiler
    • Yu_Ishitani
    • clabe03
    • Gabriel_Ortiz
    • Mike_Foley

    As a UIM admin, I would like the ability or to have the documentation(SMNPc Device Support site) to see which variables are available to customize the alarm messages via Admin Console(SNMPc, etc).


    This feature is available in the legacy configuration console Infrastructure Manager.  When customizing the alarm message, you simply type the "$" symbol and a list of the available captured OOTB variables would display.  


    Furthermore, I would like to have the ability in the SNMPc to define an OID for assignment as a variable in the metric family.