Use local Temp directory instead of the system.

Idea created by JGBoake on Oct 25, 2017
    • JGBoake

    As Windows becomes more secure(you can stop laughing any time) the ability for applications to use the Windows Temp folder location is becoming more and more restrictive.  Tools like Spectrum and NCM use the OS Temp folder for doing some work, but this folder is getting locked down not only my MS, but by companies GPO's as well.  IT would be good to see CA use their own local Temp folder for all work and not to piggy pack on the OS's.  We see issues with NCM writing the DIFF files to the OS Temp folder which is getting blocked by OS/AD/GPO restrictions and causing the global function of NCM to fail.  While I can work around this by changing the Temp folder to a local folder, it is not guaranteed to work.