Key store config unattended install properties file

Idea created by j1mb on Oct 25, 2017
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    CA Single Sign-On

    When using a properties file (default =, the parameters to configure the registry entries for the policy store are in the file...






    Our site runs a separate LDAP instance for the key store. There is currently no way to automatically configure the key store during a silent/unattended install.  In order to configure the key store, after an unattended installation, requires writing a script to update the registry, manually editing the registry, or using smconsole to configure the key store.  If you are at a site with only a couple of policy servers, that ain't no big thing.  If you are on a site where there are dozens of policy servers, it is time consuming and possibly error inducing to manually configure the key store entries.

    Improve the CA Single Sign-On installer so that the key store can be configured via attribute/value pairs in the file.