Make variable accessible in action of any probes

Idea created by PatLacasse on Oct 30, 2017
    • Yu_Ishitani
    • PatLacasse

    As a CA UIM user I would need the Action taking by the probe to have access to the variables of the probe.


    By example, in the process probe, when I monitor a process, I need to take an action (auto-healing). This action is, as we speak, hardcoded in the process probe.


    I need the probe action to have access to the variables (like the message have access to it). The variable expansion can be used in the message portion of the probe. I need to use these variables in the action portion of the probe.


    If I have access to variables in action, I will then be able to pass them to the script I call in the action.

    For example, I would be able to pass the $description variable to the script I call. The script called on the remote host would take this $description variable, parse it and execute something according to the value of this $description.