Add toggle ability to UMP's > USM's to display devices as grayed out when "Remove" = true

Idea created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Oct 31, 2017

    This is the idea I have to open b/c of this annoying feature w/in the UMP's USM view.  


    Why are some items in UMP's USM grayed out? 


    To summarize: The vmware probe will mark the "Removed" property of a device if it detected that if that device was removed from the host it was running under initially. This removed property also controls how the device is displayed w/in the UMP. It will appear grayed out. Example:


    I have no need for this feature and find it very annoying to myself and our clients who want to check the status of their devices in the UMP. They see the device in gray and then ask questions why. We usually have a robot on the VM itself so it is still being monitored and its reporting back into UIM so this gray overtone on the device makes looks as if its not being monitored which is not true.

    Support case was opened and development stated there is no way to turn this off. So IDEA is needed to fix this.


    Looking for an ability to not show devices as grayed out even when the Removed flag is = true.