UIM: MCS profiles are not stored directly in DB (-> profiles not immediate vissible in SOI)

Idea created by frank.daeter1.1 Champion on Nov 1, 2017

    We are running a very important POC for on of our customers: integration UIM and SOI.

    In UIM we created MCS profiles for the Eventlog probe. But the created MCS profiles created are not vissible in SOI.

    We have looked in the UIM database, the new MCS profiles:

    - are stored in table SSRV2Profile

    - are NOT stored in table CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM

    The UIM-SOI connector read the table CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM, so the new MCS profiles are not vissible in SOI.

    After when an alarm is generated on a MCS Profile -> Profile is stored in table CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM.


    Result: we cannot create Servicemodels into SOI with this UIM MCS profiles before an alarm is raised on this profile. We can not work with this becasue we are going to use a lot of MCS profiles (100+).


    Request: when create a UIM MCS profile make this profile immediate vissible into SOI.


    See also CA case: 838546