UIM: MCS profiles not deleted from UIM DB and SOI

Idea created by frank.daeter1.1 Champion on Nov 1, 2017

    When a UIM MCS profile is created for example for the probes: ntevl or logmon this profile is stored in the UIM DB table CM_Configuration_item and visible in SOI.

    But when the UIM MCS profile is deleted in MCS, this  profle is not deleted from the UIM DB and so still vissible into SOI (as a "profile CI". So created MCS profiles which are deleted in UIM MCS will always be in the UIM DB and SOI. This is not a desired situation!


    More information in CA case: 843328


    Result: all created MCS profiles always stay in SOI (will never deleted)


    Request: when MCS profile is deleted in UIM MCS, this must also be deleted in SOI.