User count per Job or SubSystem on IBMi/AS400

Idea created by tim_v on Nov 1, 2017
    • Yu_Ishitani
    • GuanHua1378
    • Icculus

    In order to perform usage analysis and trending and be more proactive in application licensing we would like to see the systat or jobs probe modified to provide a user count per job or subsystem


    We are currently performing this manually with the following:


    DSPLOG Period((000001 yyymmdd) (235959 yyymmdd)) output(*print) job(%jobname%) msgid(%msgid%)


    This of course generates a long list of entries that we manually sort in order to find Min/Max data for that 24 hours period of the previous day.


    Given that this is a measurement of the previous day it certainly doesn't help when the application is close to its license limit.