AHD03121:Required dependent attribute messages displayed to the user, SHOULD NOT BE WRITTEN to the STDLOG as an ERROR

Idea created by claaserr on Nov 3, 2017
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    When you create a new incident and before entering any values, just click the SAVE button.  This will highlight all fields in red, and display a message in yellow as per the below, which needs to be populated, before the incident can be saved.


    Tenant is required
    Affected End User is required
    Configuration Item is required
    Incident Area is required
    Group is required
    Description is required
    Customer Incident Location is required
    Fault Symptom is required
    Reported by Customer Name is required
    Reported by Customer Surname is required
    Reported by Phone Number is required


    However with the "Incident Dependent Attribute Control" fields which is linked to a status for example "Resolved".  When the user resolves the incident on the "request_status_change.htpml" form, without entering a value for the "Service Restored" date, which is a dependent attribute, then the following message is displayed to the user, AND an error is written to the logs.


    Message displayed to the user:

    "AHD03121:Required dependent attribute Services Restored is missing from object Request. Please cancel and populate the Services Restored field."


    Message written to the stdlogs:

    11/10 09:34:58.69 TYGRRA01QSPAPP domsrvr              5840 ERROR        dob.c                 4189 Required dependent attribute Services Restored is missing from object Request [cr:1031288] ACK->RE


    We would like the same approach to be followed, to highlight the field in RED and display a message for example "Service Restored is required" and no ERROR be written to the logs.