USM Lost connection when the UIM MSQL database failover to another node

Idea created by dinis500 on Nov 3, 2017



    This idea serves to decrease the impact created to the end user when he is log to the UMP console and a MS SQL server failover to another node.

    We observe that if we are logged to the UMP console and using the USM port let we get a error message if the database failover occurs.

    The USM tool is not aware about the database cluster and is always requesting information from the database causing this interruption  to the end user.


    It will be nice to have if the USM portlet in this case behave differently like, not creating a visible error message but automatically refreshing the portlet avoiding human interaction.  


    #UIM failover, #UIM MSSQL, #UIM High Availability group


    Thanks and kind regards,

    Rui Dinis