AdminConsole does not save oracle probe configuration

Idea created by Britta_Hoffner Employee on Nov 15, 2017
    • Yu_Ishitani
    • Britta_Hoffner
    • ttahkapaa

    oracle probe v 5.00 and higher
    managed_services 2.21/2.22
    ppm 3.24/3.30


    The two checkpoints in oracle probe configuration


    checkpoint remaining_extents
    checkpoint sga_memory


    creates a high data volume. The sql queries of this checkpoints show over 2k of rows output that takes several seconds to finish.


    • SELECT name, decode(pool, null, '(total)', '('||pool||')') as pool, bytes FROM v$sgastat where name != 'free memory'

    • SELECT owner,segment_name,segment_type,(max_extents-NVL(extents,0)) as extleft, partition_name FROM DBA_SEGMENTS WHERE tablespace_name IN ( SELECT DTBS.tablespace_name FROM DBA_TABLESPACES DTBS WHERE DTBS.TABLESPACE_NAME NOT IN ('SYS','SYSTEM','ROLLBACK','UNDO'))


    As per design, the oracle probe checks each row to calculate the QoS/threshold as per configuration that’s why it took too much time to calculate and further leading to callback timed out causing PPM error.


    Oracle probe should either be enhanced to allow a higher or configurable timeout or process the data more efficent.