Update Status feature to be used for Dynamic message parser

Idea created by PCordeiro on Nov 17, 2017
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    • PCordeiro

    Hello everyone.


    We came across a problem that one of our customers approached.


    After some analysis and with the help of CA support, we came to the conclusion that it is not possible to use the Update Status feature for dynamic messages.

    Everything that is defined in the status description of Update Status will be printed / mirrored in exactly the same way in the activity tab. Unlike the Notify Manual that is intended to analyze placeholders for ticket values, the upgrade status is not the OTB behavior in the current running versions, that is, SDM 14.1 or 17.0.


    We can introduce TAG'S such as @{call_req_id.status.sym}, and they are transformed to the correct value, and if we use it in other activities such as Update Status or Log Comment, if using the same TAGS they aren't transformed into the value of the ticket.


    We did these steps and we came to the conclusion that we would not be able to do in the last step of the update status:


    1. Create / update a ticket

    2. Click Manual Notify

    3. Select a User

    4. Update the message title with - Current Status is : @{call_req_id.status.sym}

    5. Did Update Status and this step doesn’t show any message. (that is our problem!)


    Here is a clean an simple example:

    Hello, your ticket at the moment is @{call_req_id.status.sym} .


    That will return:

    Hello, your ticket at the moment is Open.


    We thought it would be quite interesting to have this functionality in future versions, as it might give way to certain tasks.


    What do you think of this idea?


    Best regards,

    Paulo Cordeiro