Oracle Probe source override only supports entries from tnsnames

Idea created by ACE_KUM on Nov 27, 2017
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    Oracle Probe (as a remote probe) only supports entries from tnsnames as source override despite the fact that there is a textbox where you can enter anything.

    As we (customer) did not want these entries as discovered items in the USM tree we followed the idea to attach all the DB's metrics to the Cloud Control entry in the discovery/USM tree which failed. Therefore we open a case with CA.


    Response from support was that the only allowed devices were:

    - the robot the probe is running on

    - the tnsnames configured as the connection


    This limits the idea of a source override and is different to other remote probes. This makes the whole thing of source override very nontransparent and difficult to understand.


    Our customers would like this to be more flexible in the probes where it is not, and have the same simple logic behind the source override algorithm everywhere.



    Kurt Mairamhof

    Acentix AG