Ability to define a Close Code in xFlow

Idea created by Sandra_Antunes on Nov 27, 2017
    Not planned
    • GurinderG
    • GuanHua1378
    • Sandra_Antunes
    • Chi_Chen

    There are scenarios where it is necessary to have the status transition to the Closed status opened ot other statuses than the Resolved. 

    In such cases, in the xFlow interface (for not accepting customizations), an analyst can bypass the correct process and set the case to the Closed status.

    In order to prevent such business rules to be broken, xFlow could have a setting for the Closed status as it currently exists to the Resolved one:


    Resolvecode = RE.


    Similarly, xFlow can have:


    Closecode = CL


    This way it would be easy to prevent users from setting the case status to Closed by adjusting this setting.



    Sandra Antunes