Mail eater Auto Assignee analyst functionality

Idea created by ddorben on Dec 2, 2017
    Not planned
    • Kanvenu01

    Hello, we use mail eater here heavily and i would love to see a solution where there is some kind of auto assignment rule\feature to an analyst.  So for example, if i want to send one of my techs a work order from my email client i could type something in the subject like " Broken Mouse @Josesmith " in the email and mail eater will read the subject line and automatically assign the ticket to the analyst Josesmith. Or maybe an outlook plugin to develop that can accomplish this easily. 


    I find that no matter how hard you try sometimes to get people to use portals and apps work still seems to come through email.  I want to make it super easy for a group of analysts to convert emails into actionable work Items. 


    Right now we can do this but it is too many steps.  First i have to forward the email to our mail eater account.  Then i have to open the browser, login to CA, find the ticket and reassign it to the appropriate analyst.  There should be a much faster way to convert emails to tickets and target the right analyst.