Endevor Element Action Logging Message

Idea created by berbe02 Employee on Dec 5, 2017
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    When implementing Event Logging (E2ELOGMBR in C1DEFLTS), one defines a USS director to store the event records (for Element Actions and Package Actions).  The record is written to the USS, but there is no reference to that record creation in the message log (C1MSGS1).  To determine the USS location, one has to browse the PARMLIB library member (defined in C1DEFLTS) to determine the USS path.  Then one must use ISHELL to view the records.


    In an implementation of multiple configurations (C1DEFLTS), these USS definitions can vary and be separated, so the records could be in multiple locations.



    I would LOVE to see a message issued into C1MSGS indicating that the event record was stored into the USS directory and identify what that USS directory.

    By including the informational message that the record was stored will save time and discovery actions.