UIM: add more information in MCS Profile status (drill down to failed servers)

Idea created by frank.daeter1.1 Champion on Dec 8, 2017



    We are using UIM MCS for deploying threshold settings to (large) number of devices in groups.

    After deploying the MCS profile, the status is displayed, example:

    - Device in group: 19

    - Profiles deployed: 6

    - Pending profiles deployments: 13

    - Failed Profile Deployments: 0 

    This is an example for a small group, but we have also groups with hundreds of devices.

    Our customers want to see which elements (servers) are affected: which are OK, which are pending / failed?

    We (UIM Admins) can check the MCS logfile on the Primary Hub, but our (key)users has no access to this logfile ont the Primary Hub.

    Request: create a drilldown option in the Profile status field (USM GUI) on the number of deployed / Pendig / Failed devices so our (key) users easy can check this.