AD Split Permission and Rolebase Access Support for exchange_monitor probe

Idea created by Britta_Hoffner Employee on Dec 8, 2017
    • casph02
    • UweWaechter
    • Britta_Hoffner

    when the  AD Split Permission Model and Rolebase Access is activated in the Exchange environment, the exchange_monitor probe is unable to discover the correct DAG servers. This features allow to restrict
    permissions on Exchange servers within the Exchange Environment for their respective Administrators.
    The exchange_monitor probe runs a query similar to

    Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Status | select name, servers, operationalservers

    this query wants to retreive this information for all known Database Servers and fails because it does not have permission to access the once under control of different Administrators.


    Please add support for AD Split Permission Model and Rolebase Access in exchange_monitor probe.