log_monitoring_service probe should provide alarm options for severity and text

Idea created by Alquin Employee on Dec 19, 2017
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    Hi Community,


    In working with the log_monitoring_service probe we have noted some improvements that could be made to improve the experience of our Log Analytics customers.

    1. There is no way to configure the alarm severity so all log_monitoring_service alarms come in as informational. We need to probe an option to allow the user to select their desired severity
    2. The alarms from log_monitoring_service probe sends the JSON text fields of the log matched as the alarm. This is not very user readable and that could use some refinement. One potential option is to provide the user the option of using the text of the fields as the text of the alarm as ${variable} type values
    3. The log_monitoring_service probe writes to the custom_1 field of alarms which is typically used by the incident management gateway probes to feed ticket information back into UIM