Modifiying the UIM Spectrum integration installer

Idea created by pmurt on Jan 4, 2018
    • Christophe Sperandio
    • pmurt

    The installer should have a selectable menu allowing for various degrees of installation.  My suggestion is to have a check box gui to say install one of the selected:


     - UIM to Spectrum inventory only

    - UIM to Spectrum inventory and alarms Unidirectional

    - UIM to Spectrum inventory and alarms  Bidirectional

    - UIM to Spectrum  alarms  only Bidirectional


    The reason for this, is we would like to be able to have new devices added to Spectrum via UIM as the UIM robot model.

    We are not prepared to utilize the UIM/Spectrum gateway probe due to the fact the setting of granularity is not there. But we would like to know when UIM adds a device that Spectrum is unaware of. The reason the gateway doesn't have the granularity for filtering alarms is like the following example.


    We are utilizing the NAS to separate same type of alarms say processes alarm. For one device we want it to alarm as critical, and the same process to alarm as major or minor for others. Multiple different processes would be handled differently.  We can also set the delay or use preprocessing rule before the alarm is sent, and have them auto clear within a certain time so they are never sent. Same with other probes, as far as the distribution of same type alarms to one or more devices. The NAS provides for this type of granularity not found in the Spectrum Gateway Probe.  To try and re-create all the NAS work done on the UIM side, to the Spectrum side would be prohibitive time wise.