long_queries:database name

Idea created by Anurupa on Jan 8, 2018
    • Rajashekar Allala
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    • Anurupa
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    • Naveen Kumar
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    Would suggest to re-create the message definition of the sqlserver checkpoint: long_queries, so that the alarms will trigger the alert along with the database name from which it is triggering. The latest probe version(5.30) running currently does not have any option to add the database name in the checkpoint - long_queries. 



    Alert Ex:

    Profile pr-sqlprd-01(, instance pr-sqlprd-01, user 897 (CDSrvSQL) runs query for 813.55 sec, sql text: SELECT StatMan([SC0]) FROM (SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT [Properties] AS [SC0] FROM [dbo].[SavesetProperty] WITH (READUNCOMMITTED) ORDER BY [SC0] ) AS _MS_UPDSTATS_TBL