More healthcheck webservices

Idea created by Andreas_Eriksson on Jan 9, 2018
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    CA has implemented some healthcheck webservices for the CA Service Managements products. They are a great way to make a self-test and see the operational status of the product. It would be nice to have even more tests/webservices like if ActiveMQ and other internal critical functions are in an operational state etc. For the Service Desk there is a special healtcheck so the loadbalancer can be aware if the backend node is functional. This is really good and I think this is very proffesional and adds a value and quality to the CA products. Thank you CA for this. We can rest assure that the product is operational 24/7 and can just add a secondary/external monitoring tool if really necessary. These self-tests has made my work as a technican a little easier. I like simplicity "built-in". 


    Thanks beforehand.



    Andreas Eriksson

    Netgain AB