Certify Nexus 3 for CA Release Automation (CARA) 6.x Repository

Idea created by KSam on Jan 18, 2018
    Under review

    In order to set up CARA (or CA RA) as Highly Available (HA), the internal Nexus 2 that's auto-installed during CARA installation can't be used and an 'external' nexus must be used to connect the NAS servers to. We are trying to upgrade our external Nexus to Nexus 3.7.1 and have found (through CA Communities, not the CA RA support docs) that CARA 6.x does not support and is not certified to use Nexus 3.x.

    In order to use the latest and greatest Nexus features, we would need to have Nexus 3.x certified with CARA 6.x