Identity Portal flow flexibility

Idea created by td_aspire on Jan 24, 2018
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    The lack of ability to redirect a user out of the IdP to another link after first time login is an issue for some customers.  What they want is for us to be able to configure a URL to automatically configure within the form to redirect following the completion of the process. A Universal compromise might be the ability brand an href onto the home page that says "Click here to go to the Portal" or something of that nature. Use case example: Customer has a PortalX where the Identities are being managed by IdP. The first time a user logs into PortalX, they are redirected to the IdP to complete a first time login process which entails agreeing to terms and conditions, completing any blank user attributes, answering secret questions, and changing their temporary password. Once the user is done with this task, they no longer need to be in the IdP. The current process will refresh and leave them at the IdP Home page. The need is some kind of ability to redirect the user to PortalX. We would prefer configurable URL in the form, but a URL on the Home page would suffice.