Ability to have more than 25 items per page in CAPC

Idea created by oldshield on Jan 30, 2018

    per support:

        " I spoke with engineering about this, and It does not look like we made this configurable. It would be an enhancement. It’s set to 25 in the javascript that makes up the page."


    What I need is to have more that 25 vies per page in CAPC. In the NetQOS Performance center this was an adjustment to the sql database. I have a page I am trying to build that needs 30 views. I am stuck at 25. My customer wants all the views on one report. What do I tell them? All this money you just spent on this tool, sorry the report building will not meet your needs without going back to development.


    I would like the ability to be able to easily change this on they fly or at least have the views increased to 40 or so per page. I understand there may be performance issues, but seriously this should be more customizable.