Regarding capturing the Static and Dynamic calls in the CA repository.

Idea created by Prerna_misra on Feb 6, 2018
    Under review

    We can Scan the baseline source listing looking for any static or dynamic calls in the source code. The compile options can also be checked in the listing.  If DYNAM is found, then all of the static calls  should have CALLTYPE=DYNAMIC in CA Repository.  If NODYNAM is found, then the CALLTYPE should be set based on the call syntax in the code.


    This will have to be a customized process to scan thru each baseline listing member and look for the sub-program calls.

    This process would also need to verify the actual sub-program name assigned to the program name variable used dynamic calls.

    This process will need to also check for various sub-program call syntax (e.g. EXEC CICS calls).


    This new tool could be used to capture baseline info for initial population of sub-program metadata.  It could also be part of the regular refresh process when changes are made.